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FM Training & Learning Pathways

FM Training & Learning Pathways  provide curated curriculum to access in a self-service model and help the participants own their learning. Participants can review the different pathways to identify the areas that strengthen them and align to the desired career journey. Coaches are assigned to each participant group to review and guide them during their learning journey.

Trainings: News

Big Data Analytics

Analysing data

Participants are strengthened by learning about technologies and frameworks to ingest, store, transform and analyze large volumes of data.

Develop Skills in - 

Spark & Hadoop

Data in Motion



Cloudera Data Platform


AI Machine Learning


 Participants are strengthened by bridging foundational concepts of statistics with machine learning algorithms to work through industry-specific use cases.

Develop skills in 

Data Preparation for Machine Learning

Machine Learning Foundations

Machine Learning with Unstructured Data

Math/Stat Foundations for ML

Programming for Machine Learning

Special Topics in Machine Learning

Cloud Analytics


Participants extend their core concepts of Big Data and Analytics by learning the use of various tools, technologies, and services associated with various private cloud technologies leveraging both IaaS and PaaS products. 

Develop skills in

AWS , GCP, Azure, IBM

Trainings offered by Factiveminds are conducted by industry experts specialized in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive analytics, Big Data, Cloud Analytics, Block Chain, IoT etc.  All the sessions are handled by industry experts with minimum 5-15 years of industry experience working with real life projects. Our network has MNCs, industry experts, interns and students working collaboratively.

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